Rt. Rev. Dr. P. J. Lawrence

The Rt. Rev. Dr. P. J. Lawrence is the Founder and Director of the CTLT and also teaches a number of courses in the area of Church History and Biblical Studies.

Dr. Lawrence was born in Nandyal, AP, India, and completed his earliest studies there. He obtained his Doctor of Ministry at the Colombia Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Georgia, where he has fond memories, particularly the classes he had with the well-known Old Testament scholar, Professor Walter Brueggemann.

He was ordained for the Ministry in the Church of South India (CSI) in1971 and served as a full-time Pastoral Minister in until 1989. During the same period, engaged in programs of social action and socio-economic and political Justice at National, Asian, and International levels through Church and Society organizations.

Dr. Lawrence served as a Missionary of the CSI with the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands in Jamaica, from 1990-2000, through Council for World Mission CWM, during which time served both in Pastoral Ministry and Theological Education as Director, Institute for Theological Leadership and Development (ITLD). Through ITLD, he developed Theological Education and Leadership Development, leading to Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels, including the Degree in Guidance and Counseling. These programs are accredited by the University Council of Jamaica. The Masters in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling (MAPPC) program was offered in collaboration with the St Stephen’s College – University of Alberta, Canada. ITLD has grown into the International University of the Caribbean (IUC).

Dr. Lawrence was consecrated and served as Bishop, CSI Nandyal Diocese, AP, India in 2006. From this time, he had the pastoral and administrative responsibility of nearly 350(three hundred fifty) congregations with 100 priests, 50 evangelists, schools, colleges, hospitals and other institutions including a school for the blind, until 2013.

Between 2013 – 2016, Bishop Lawrence served as the Director, Anglican Training Center, Mauritius, Indian Ocean. During this time he established the Ecumenical Theological College in Mauritius, and started a Doctor of Ministry program for senior leadership of the Church in the Province of the Indian Ocean including Mauritius, Seychelles, and Madagascar. Bishop Lawrence is driven by the need he sees for theological education to be accessible to all.