The Center for Theological Leadership Training (CTLT) is a non-denominational, affordable, accredited higher-education in theology and theological leadership for the people of God. Since its inception in 2017 the CTLT has offered a variety of courses at different levels — Certificate, Diploma/Degree and Doctor of Ministry — to prepare students to be transformative and faithful leaders in Christian ministry, to transform their own lives, those of others and the structures of society to God's plan as revealed in the Scriptures.

Our values at CTLT

CTLT seeks to promote critical thinking in theology, and to cultivate a greater appreciation of scripture and for God's creation.

Our Vision

To educate, enrich and empower God’s people for ministry and mission in the service of the church and society for God’s glory.

Our Mission

To provide theological education for ministerial formation and transformational leadership by equipping the people of God in higher learning and critical thinking.


To prepare God’s people for ministry; to discern God’s will and, be empowered by the Holy Spirit, to allow Him to transform their lives and the lives of others as well as the structures of society, to God’s plan of grace as described in Scripture.


All courses are accredited by ACTS Academy of Higher Education and The International Council for Higher Education.

programme and courses

The Certificate program is also a prerequisite for the Diploma in Theological Leadership in cases where students do not have any formal theological training. Courses covered includes:

Certificate in Theological Leadership

Certificate in Theological Leadership The Certificate in Theological Leadership is geared towards lay leaders who feel called to serve in different types of ministry in the local church. This program is of particular interest to those who serve by teaching in Sunday School, leading youth programs, preaching, and other such ministries.

Diploma in Theological Leadership & B.A. Theology

Diploma in Theological Leadership

After successful completion of the Certificate program, many of our students opt to continue their studies by pursuing the Diploma in Theological Leadership. This degree seeks to prepare individuals for ministry in the wider community and has a focus on counselling and caregiving. Courses covered include:

B.A. Theology

This program is usually undertaken by those of our students who intend to pursue the M.A. in Theological Leadership. Emphasis is placed on honing the research skills of our students as they are equipped to undertake a greater level of independent study. Courses offered include:

Master of Arts (Theological Leadership) & Doctor of Ministry

Master of Arts (Theological Leadership)

This degree is especially designed for those interested in various specialized ministry. The focus is on the production of a thesis that allows students to delve deeply into their particular area of interest.

Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is designed for experienced pastors or others in full-time ministry for a minimum of five years. The D.Min. is accredited by ACTS Academy of higher Education affiliated and validated by International Council for Higher Education (ICHE) - Switzerland.